“The Mutants program gave me an opportunity to develop the skills, theories and understandings I acquired during my time completing the Swinburne Masers in Strategic Foresight. Expertly and gently guided by Jose, we worked coherently, challenging my biases and exploring my own personal narrative, within a safe and supportive environment, to develop my pitch to more clearly communicate my unique proposition and focus my own mutant foresight practice.” Stephen Reimann 

“The Mutant futures program confirmed a number of intuitions for me. One, we are better off working together to support each others emerging practices. Two, there is a real link between inner narrative and metaphor and outer professional practice – doing pro dev without inner work misses much of what really supports us in bringing forth our future selves. Three, it is possible to experiment and bring the future into the present.” Jose Ramos 

“The MFP provided me with a community of practice to continue and develop my futures knowledge base, practitioner skills and importantly to develop ongoing deep insight and self awareness of my practice.” Liz Landray

“The MFP was both experimental and rooted in sound Foresight intention. It helped me to gain a deeper understanding into my Self and my Work and brought some clear insights that have catalysed ideas for future work and my journey in these times of great transistion and crisis.” Heather Laurence 

“The MFP is a gem of a program. It’s wonderful to go on a journey of discovery with a group of people that are aware, intelligent and capable of encouraging each others fuller selves into the space. The frameworks and activities have enabled me to sharpen my understanding of where I can best add value in the world. They have also challenged me to consider how I show up more fully for my family and friends.” Kieran Murrihy 

“The Mutants Futures Program has been a “game changer” for me. It has been a unique, deep and powerful learning experience that has enabled greater clarity of purpose and internal alignment. Unearthing certain personal narratives and metaphors embedded deeply in the unconscious was incredibly challenging and confrontational at times. However, the genuinely safe, inclusive and collaborative learning space created by fellow participants encouraged me to embark on a deeply reflective journey that has led to me identifying and securing work that is meaningful to me.” Mahesh Kandasamy

“I was deeply grateful to be part of this program. The mutant futures program itself is an emergent journey enacted through our own personal reflective rediscovery of the ‘authentic self’. Harnessed through enriching source material and practices, by focussing the lens to understand the interior of ones self. The discovery is the catalyst that drives our craft and professional pathways into our own ambitions of the future. The journey allows us to understand the weight of the past by looking back at our experiences travelled, the push of the future in having the encouragement to acknowledge our own true potential and the pull of the future is explored through personal metaphors and narratives that guide us into the future that we want to create and participate. This developmental program assists us to unearth our true value of contribution, enabling professional emergence and development within a supportive collaborative environment.” Charmaine Sevil

“I have always held a deep belief in the adage that a learning journey can be best judged by how much it challenges and shifts how we see the world. With this as my yardstick, the Mutant Futures program has been one of the most powerful learning journey’s I have experienced to date. Among the plethora of practical insights around building my foresight craft, was the surfacing of the often unconscious dimensions of self. This program is an intimate voyage of self discovery and deep reflection and is delivered in poetic and reflective grace that asks you to challenge your conventional framing of self to better understand how this this framing underpins (consciously or otherwise) what we do, and do not do (and why) in the context of better understanding and developing our foresight/futures ‘craft’.” Reanna Browne

“Thanks to the MFP, I found validation for the path that I had taken. It created the space for me to slow down, and to meet others who were on a similar journey. I am truly grateful for the people I met through the programme, for Jose’s gentle leadership, and the opportunity to play with combining emotional growth with entrepreneurial growth.” Tara Nadun